Essential BroadCast services 

Providing industry information to your customers in a timely manner is key to your success. CNS' BroadCast is the number one method to distribute information efficiently and economically. Our service facilitates your success by offering fax and email outlets to connect you to the air cargo community.

Through BroadCast, you can access to our proprietary database of airlines, GSAs, forwarders and ground​ handlers. Get the opportunity to send your message to a targeted audience of more than 5,000 industry decision-makers throughout the US. Log in or register to make a BroadCast request or become a customer.

BroadCast is essential in:

  • Promoting new routes
  • Announcing pricing and fuel charge changes
  • Communicating new tariff, regulator notices, procedural changes in traffic handling
  • Announcing organization or staffing changes
  • Promoting new marketing or partnering endeavors
  • Distributing press releases and announcements or fuel increases


Email-only service

In an effort to go paperless we strongly suggest our email broadcasts. Sign up for our packages and save your money while saving the earth. 

You can choose to pay $325 per email broadcast or get one of our packages:

  • 6 messages for 6 months: $1,250
  • 12 messages a year: $2,500
  • 24 messages a year: $4,500


***All content in messages distributed via our broadcast service are the sole responsibility of its author. CNS acts solely as a distribution agent and takes no responsibility for the content or the designated recipients of any messages.​​