Carrier & GSA Programs

CNS currently represents 109 carriers and 12 GSAs through its membership program. CNS membership is open to all airlines operating services in the United States of America.

CNS members benefit in several ways. CNS supports and promotes the interests of its members through:

  • Key market priorities
  • Market recognition
  • Reducing costs
  • Access to the Cargo Accounts Settlement System program - CNS CASS USA
  • AWB Stock Management
  • Driving modernization initiatives
  • Networking with key stakeholders
  • Providing commercial services
  • Industry training
  • Direct involvement in the annual CNS Partnership Conference

Details of membership programs

Direct relationship with CNS through an individual signed agreement signed.

The following are the main requirements to join CNS CASS USA as a participating carrier:

  • Be registered with IATA for a valid 3-digit code and 2-letter identifier
  • Hold a valid flight Operating Certificate

The CNS General Sales Agent (GSA) program allows airlines with no administrative offices or bank accounts established in the United States to be integrated into CNS CASS USA.

How the GSA program works

The new GSA signs up for the CNS General Sales Agent/Represented Carrier Services Agreement and designates the new carrier. Upon authorization from the carrier, all services, administrative/accounting functions and billing transactions for the carrier are performed by the GSA with transparent operations from a customer's perspective.

The GSA program also enhances the value of CNS CASS USA by increasing the number of carriers, thereby reducing the overall costs to all participants.

For more information on joining(including necessary forms and fees) please contact us.​​