‚ÄčThe investigations in 1979 conducted under the Competitive Marketing of Air Transportation Investigation by the now defunct CAB (Civil Aeronautics Board) resulted in the Boards final decision to disapprove the arrangement by which IATA cargo agents exercised exclusive commercial representation of the international airlines in the US marketplace. This in turn led to the 1984 withdrawal of the long-standing anti-trust immunity attached to various IATA agency program resolutions.

Upon consulting member airlines and representatives from the US air freight forwarding industry, IATA concluded that a substitute for its Cargo Agency Program would have to be created to bridge the gap upon the demise of the conference administered program. 

Cargo Network Services

These circumstances led to the creation of Cargo Network Services (CNS) in 1985. Originally based in Garden City (Long Island), New York, the organization moved to Miami, Florida in June 2008.

CNS’s primary purpose has been, and continues to be, the development and distribution of programs and services to all providers of air cargo to help them achieve their respective business strategies. CNS aims to foster an environment of professionalism, innovation and mutual respect and understanding of each other’s challenges. Today's air cargo industry understands that we are all dependent on each other for our success.