Cargo Programs

Delivering the modern world 

Air cargo transports over US$6.8 trillion worth of goods, approximately 35% of world trade by value. The global economy depends on the ability to deliver high quality products at competitive prices to consumers worldwide. The sector itself generates nearly $18.6 billion every day and is an important component of the aviation industry, which collectively supports 68 million jobs worldwide. ​ 

Because of advanced supply chain solutions, vaccines, emergency aid, the latest gadgets, and many other things can be delivered at any place in the world in the right moment. IATA and CNS work to make air transportation safe, secure, efficient and sustainable. ​

Cargo standards

IATA develops and maintains industry-wide standards for the various aspects of air cargo transportation. These include:

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Cargo projects

In order to find a future for the air cargo industry, CNS works in several projects to modernize the supply chain.

  • The Digital Cargo projects (e-freight and e-AWB) aim to move the air cargo industry to the digital era by taking the paper out of  the supply chain.
  • The Cargo Security initiatives support regulators and strengthen the supply chain security.
  • Our Cargo Sustainability initiatives​ tackle environmental, social and economic issues.