Cargo Accounts Settlement System (CASS)

CNS CASS USA is the air cargo industry's first internet-based billing, invoice presentment and payment service that provides seamless financial transactions between carriers and agents.​​​


CNS CASS USA participants benefit from a system that:

  • Provides paperless distribution of cargo invoicing
  • Enables agents to make payments electronically, lowering in-house processing expenses while enhancing business relationships
  • Removes five to seven days in issuing invoices to agents
  • Strengthens cash flow forecasting and treasury management for both carriers and agents

Simple, user-friendly functionality

  • Carriers upload their billing files to CNS CASS USA electronically
  • Agents will receive an email notification containing hyperlinks to the CNS CASS USA website, allowing direct access to their invoices upon availability
  • Agents can review invoices online or download them into their own accounting systems to reconcile their transactions

Electronic dispute resolution

Each year, approximately 9% of the 2.8 million air waybills processed are disputed. In the past, disputes caused delays in payment processing and reduced the level of confidence in the industry.

With CNS CASS USA, disputes can be resolved quickly as agents can mark the dispute type with a code and describe the discrepancy when they upload the information into the system. Carriers are then able to review the discrepancy online and either accept the agents view or re-bill the necessary adjustments. Once an invoice is approved, agents can then set a date to authorize electronic payment, which is automatically debited from their account on that date.


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