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Job searchers wanting to work on air cargo can take advantage of the job postings on the CNS website. ​Check our Industry Jobs section and discover new opportunities to develop your career on leading airfreight companies. 

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CNS members may also promote vacant positions in their companies through our Industry Jobs section. Learn more on how to submit your postings.

Rules, procedures and policies 

All postings should be sent to You will receive an e-mail confirmation that your posting request have been received.

Postings are listed alphabetically by the name of the company. All entries must be in simple text, paragraph form. No bullets, numbering, images, or special characters will be accepted. Entries will be returned to be reformatted in the event of improper set-up. Please do not submit your text in ALL CAPS. Our standard format is to bold the name of the company, followed by the actual job description. If you do not provide the actual company name, we will bold the first few words of the posting.

You can insert an e-mail address in your text, usually for the person to whom resumes are to be sent, or for other contact reasons. You can include a link to your web page, sometimes done as a link to a job application or some other content that you wish to send someone to. All such links will be configured to open a new browser window.


Job postings are updated within 5 calendar days of the 1st of each month:

Postings received after the 5th of the month will be updated to the website the following month. Each posting will run for 30 days. If your company does not notify CNS that the posting should remain on the website after the 30 day expiration, your company's listing will be removed.