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New Applicant Endorsement

The CNS Cargo Agency and Authorized Intermediary Agreement establishes an efficient process that ensures a comprehensive screening of all applicants. This process goes far beyond the regulation of secondary details and professionalizes the essence of the air cargo partnership. The advance of technology and new demands driven by the need for performance, reliability, and security, the sophistication required of these essential industry professionals has never been greater. 

Given the vital role they play, some control points must be in place:

  1. Certification of those who seek to perform the role of the agent, forwarder, or intermediary professional
  2. Oversight that ensures that those who have been certified continue to meet standards of professional competence
  3. Access to training that is credible, efficient and cost effective so that it supports the evolving standards of professionalism in a changing industry

Apply now!

Returning applicants

Application fees

  • $50 application access fee ​
          • $225 submission fee of application and financial review
      • $825 inspection fee (due prior to inspection and following successful completion of application submission and financial review)
      • $575 annual fee to activate your endorsement upon successful completion of all steps of the endorsement process

Note: New application fees are non-refundable and will be collected via credit card in specific sections of the online application.​​​